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Core Facility Regulations for New Japanese Casinos and Resorts

Core facility requirements are the latest topic being discussed by Japanese officials after legalising gambling. These requirements will include four key aspects casino operators must accommodate when proposing integrated casinos for the island nation. More so, some of the biggest names in the gaming industry are already bidding for sites in the country.

However, there is no guarantee that their casino bids will win over the Japanese government just yet. Some of the industry leaders bidding for Japan’s first casinos are vying for one of three licenses. Melco Resorts And Entertainment Limited, MGM Resorts International, Las Vegas Sands Corporation, Crown Resorts Limited, and Galaxy Entertainment Group Limited are all aiming for the first license.

Core facility regulations - NZ

Core Facility Requirements

On top of gaming regulations, the four core facility requirements will include the following:

  • A convention centre
  • Recreation facilities
  • A travel agency
  • Hotels

Core Facility Rules for Osaka Bids

One of the cities being considered by Melco Resorts And Entertainment Limited is Osaka. The city is roughly eight hours drive from the capital, Tokyo. However, Tokyo may not be considered for a resort even though it is the financial and political centre of Japan. Capital cities are not always viable for casino operators because of land or population. For example, London and Wellington also don’t have casino resorts, but people will travel to nearby cities.

According to Melco Resorts and Entertainment Limited CEO, Lawrence Ho Yau Lung, this adds to the ‘fun and entertainment’ of a resort. The city of Osaka will be cheaper for casino operators while allowing for more space. Since the Japanese government requires spaces for entertainment and conventions, integrated casino resorts will need space to house shopping and other activities.

Core Facility for Integrated Casinos

The new gambling laws call for ‘integrated casinos,’ resorts with everything a tourist could need to enjoy their stay in Japan. Additionally, the casinos will fund the core facilities as well as sightseeing and other activities. The first casinos in Japan are expected to be completed by 2020 or 2021 when the legislation will be in effect.

There are also talks to limit the number of resorts built in Japan, much like New Zealand. It isn’t clear how many will be built, but the officials are still in talks. For many Kiwi players, the Japanese innovations could lead to higher quality gaming coming to our shores. However, there’s still a long way to go until then for Japanese resorts.

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