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Fake News Resource Released By Facebook – New Zealand

Fake news is a hot topic in 2017 because of sites claiming to be genuine on social networks such as Facebook. In response to this, the social media giant has released a ‘resource’ to some of its users to help them identify fake outlets. Much like their privacy resource, this appears to be a simple guide to identifying fake sites.

Fake News – New Zealand


Notification of Fake News

The feature is similar to their attempts to inform Facebook users of their privacy settings. This new feature will pop up as a notification for a few days. Facebook users can then read through their steps and decide for themselves if they want these posts on their News Feed. Facebook’s vice president of News Feed, Adam Mosseri, hopes to make people more selective news consumers.

Part of the problem of fake news was brought to light during the US election in 2016. However, fake news was around long before that. For example, super market tabloids stating alien invasions and miraculous deaths of obviously alive celebrities.

Outside Sources Called in by Facebook

According to the Dean of Journalism at the University of Maryland, Lucy Dalglish, Facebook asked outside experts for help. In her opinion the social network is “…very interested technology” but not the “…implications of technology.” After privacy scandals surrounding the social network, it seems like Facebook is succeeding at being responsible.

The company is trying to work with fact-checking organisations to identify fake news sites. Sites trying to make a profit through Facebook with fake news will be affected the most. Political propaganda, in particular, will be targeted by Facebook after the release.

Availability of Fake News Resource

At the moment, the resource will only be released in the United States, France, Taiwan, Italy, the United Kingdom, the Philippines, Germany, and Brazil. However, New Zealand Facebook fans can check suspicious sites through their ‘about’ sections. Fake sites do not update these sections, so you’ll be able to spot a fake quickly. For an example of a dependable ‘about’ section, click here.

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