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Google Robots are learning to be Offended – New Zealand

Google robots are essentially the guiding hand behind customised advertising, and their programming has a gaping blind spot. Ads aimed at specific markets and groups are not a new thing for 2017 Internet users, but some ads should never be aired. Almost like that disastrous Pepsi commercial starring Kendall Jenner.

Google has come under fire for ads that are far more inappropriate than solving conflict with a Pepsi, though. Extremist videos from groups across the globe are somehow winding up on accounts the world over. However, there are also social networks experiencing the same issues.

Google Robots – New Zealand

Prosecution for Extremist Content

Part of Google’s problem is that extremist videos by militant groups have been posted on YouTube. This led to multiple companies pulling their adverts from the internet company. The company has had already agreed to take down videos 24 hours after they had been reported.

However, British officials are pushing for stricter legislation to force the issue. Social sites like Facebook and Twitter will also be included in prosecution if they react too slowly. Germany and other European countries are also considering similar laws for extremist content sharing or hate speech.

Google Robots and other search tools implemented

Facebook recently released a fake news resource for their users in certain countries. Fake news is a big problem across the Internet after the US elections in 2016. Extremist videos and other hate content will receive stricter treatment by Google.

The Internet giant is also expected to ban extremist sites from appearing in searches with updates to Google Robots. However, these policies will be harder to implement considering that 400 hours of new content is uploaded to YouTube every minute.

New Google Robots

The new update to Google Robots will see a form of ‘offensive context’ being added to them. Updated filters and other tools will be the first of the newly ‘offended’ Google Robots.  For our Kiwi readers, this will ensure a more accurate ad system and safer content.

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