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ISPs of ‘Unlicensed’ Internet Casinos to be blocked by Australia

ISPs, or Internet Service Providers, allow Kiwi and Australian players to access casinos from anywhere in the world. However, Australian lawmakers are looking to block certain providers to combat illegal online poker casinos. This comes after new Australian laws which require casinos to hold an Australian license.

All of the above is an effort by Australian officials to regulate gambling in the country. In New Zealand, similar laws prevent casinos that are “licensed” in New Zealand from catering to Kiwis. Taxing online gambling has always been an issue in both countries, but new laws might not help Aussies.

ISPs to be Blocked by AU Government - NZ online casinos

Blocking ISPs

So, you’re probably wondering how this might work. Well, ISPs host websites and any domain that is not licensed by Australia will be blocked. This includes sites like Crazy Vegas Casino and Platinum Play Casino because they do not hold Aussie licenses. The only way to block their domain, or address, is to check their ‘zip code.’  These codes, name servers, which the casinos will house their games and websites on.

This is a very simplified explanation, but that’s the gist of it. By blocking certain location codes in domains, Australia hopes to rule out illegal casinos.  However, this will also apply to casinos that offer online poker to Aussie players. Online poker was never acknowledged by the AU government by giving it a code. That’s why it is illegal to play poker online.

Net Neutrality for ISPs

Blocking ISPs will be contested by Australians advocating net neutrality. Net neutrality is essentially a way of ensuring all people have access to any corner of the internet they choose. If it sounds familiar, it’s because the Trump American government is looking to revoke net neutrality. However, the Aussie government is looking to change their stance by July. If this happens, many casinos will be left in the lurch.

Some online gambling operators have already fled the country, such as Vera & John, 888 and 32Red. These casinos and sportsbooks are some of the most popular iGaming operators in the world.  As soon as the newest legislation is passed, more casino operators are sure to follow.

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