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MASU Bar and Restaurant Expands Saké Culture in Auckland

MASU by Nic Watt is a Japanese style restaurant and bar in SkyCity Auckland. The Bar recently made Kiwi history when their manager, Fuminobu Nakatani, achieved a Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) Saké qualification. Mr. Nakatani was awarded a level 3 Saké qualification by the London-based WSET.

WSET is an accredited Awarding Body and respected global educator of the alcohol beverage market. Their qualifications are the industry standard for wine and spirit makers in New Zealand and across the globe. MASU will be the first to have WSET Saké professional in New Zealand with an intimate knowledge of the Saké process.

MASU Restaurant and Bar New Zealand

MASU and Saké

Nakatani undertook a course through the specialty outlet, Prince Wine Store in Melbourne. The four-day course included making Japanese rice wine and the methods that would affect some factors. Different methods affect factors such as the style, quality, and price of the Saké. This will help Nakatani make recommendations to diners based on the accuracy of his assessments of the Saké.

Nakatani is proud of his Japanese heritage and hopes to spread the culture of the famous drink across Auckland and beyond. MASU celebrated Saké month last October in honour of the beverage. The restaurant is well-known in Auckland for both its contemporary Japanese dishes as well as its architecture.

More about MASU

The successful restaurant and bar hopes to expand Saké culture in New Zealand thanks to Nakatani. MASU currently offers contemporary Japanese cuisine cooked on charcoal grills and served on hand-crafted plates. Watt’s reviewers have sung the chef’s praises for his ‘passion for flavour and attention to detail.’ MASU is well-known for beautiful food, and now they can add amazing drink pairings to their selection.

Visit MASU at SkyCity Auckland on Federal Street after a great day gaming at the casino. Take a trip up the Sky Tower and end your day enjoying the great food at the bar. We know we’ll be paying them a visit soon to try out their Saké and other delicious offerings.

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