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New Lotto Betting Services Online – New Zealand 2017

Lotto Betting is a new way to gamble on lotteries without buying a ticket in New Zealand. Kiwi players can bet on the outcomes of the lottery online, with great odds at these new Lotto Betting sites. What makes this form of online gambling so popular is that anyone can participate, and you don’t have to think up your lucky numbers to hit the jackpot.

According to a leading lotto gambling site, Lottoland, this form of betting does not require being connected to a lotto operator. Meaning that Kiwis can still enjoy the excitement of a win without having to buy a physical ticket or leave their homes. All you need is an internet connection and an account with a lotto bookmaking service.

New Lotto Betting Sites – New Zealand

New Lotto Betting Sites

So, where can Kiwi players get in on the lotto betting action? Well, there are quite a few new lotto betting services to play on. At the moment, the most popular site is Lottoland, as they offer a variety of different lotteries to bet on. Another service is CrownLotto, which is yet to go live in Australia. Other internet gambling services that offer lotto betting are and LottoStar.

These services all allow Kiwi gamblers to bet on lottos from the UK, Australia and the United States without buying a ticket. Now, we do recommend caution when choosing a new lotto betting service in New Zealand. There have been quite a few reports of ‘fake’ services scamming bettors out of their winnings. So, stick to the suggestions above to ensure that you have the best online gaming experience while betting on lotteries.

New Lotto Betting Services Overall

Lotto betting is relatively new to the online gambling industry, so regulations are hazy and services aren’t standard. Like we’ve said, use your instincts to avoid less trustworthy sites. If you’re unsure about a service, look for reviews from sites like NZ Casinos. These will help you stay above board while winning real money bets. So, for more about New Zealand’s best online casinos, keep visiting our site!

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