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PokerStars Winner Rocks Online Poker – New Zealand 2017

The latest big win in poker has seen a Swedish man walk away with thousands of dollars in winnings. A PokerStars Winner, known by the online moniker ‘Isildur1’, has garnered more than US$575 000 (NZ$763 000) at online poker tables this week. With the live poker world still reeling from a big win at the World Series of Poker (WSOP), it seems Lady Luck is smiling on poker players everywhere.

The PokerStars Winner, real name Viktor Blom, has won over US$1.9 million (NZ$2.52 million) at online poker over the past two months. In June, he became that month’s ‘most profitable online player’ according to the HighStakesDB. The online high stakes database tracks online poker tables with higher stakes, such as the ones Mr Blom plays regularly.

PokerStars Winner – New Zealand

PokerStars Winner – Viktor Blom’s Career

During the two months of his wins, Blom went up against professional players in 38 038 hands over 132 sessions of poker. Usually, Blom takes part in the WSOP, but this year he decided to skip the event to play online. Blom is one of a handful of professional players to join the PokerStars’ team. However, he left in 2012 to become a brand ambassador for Full Tilt Poker.

PokerStars Winner – Higher Stakes

One of the benefits of online poker is that players can choose to play for higher stakes. However, this is not advisable for Kiwi players that are new to the game. Unless you are comfortable with Hold ‘Em and Stud poker, of course. More so, it is possible to lose more money than you make. So, for a professional player like Viktor Blom, the stakes add more pressure to win.

So, for more on high stakes online poker, visit our guide to online poker. Also, check out how you can become a high roller poker player in New Zealand with our quick guide.

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