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Japan plans Responsible Gaming Laws

Responsible Gaming has become the primary focus for Japanese officials while preparing new gambling regulations. According to Japanese news reports, part of the new regulations includes socially responsible regulations. However, part of the new regulations will also impact popular pachinko parlours in Japan.

Responsible Gaming - New Zealand

Responsible Gaming for Pachinko Parlours

One of the most popular ways to gamble in Japan is through pachinko machines. These machines are similar to pokies, but use the same principle as pinball machines. Pachinko machines, horse, bicycle and powerboat races were the only legal ways of gambling in Japan until 2017. These betting options could not be regulated properly, but the new gambling laws will include changes to policies surrounding the abovementioned gaming options. More so, these laws will give strict guidelines to planned integrated resorts.

New Responsible Gaming Laws

Under the new laws, the families of problem gamblers will be able to inform pachinko parlours and casinos not to allow the player inside. Players who feel they have a problem may also tell casinos and other gambling establishments of their addiction.

This is part of the new initiative to help problem gamblers to keep from losing all their money. The parlours will also be able to ban players they notice having problems, much like Kiwi pubs and casinos. These measures are put in place to help addicts stay away from gambling. Officials are also discussing using gambling profits to help with funding in communities.

Responsible Gaming in New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the countries that include responsible gambling in their laws. Being socially responsible when it comes to Kiwi players who gamble often is a vital part of the latest gambling regulations. All casinos in New Zealand or catering to NZ players pay taxes for gambling services like online or mobile casinos. A portion of these proceeds go to the Gambling Addiction help groups.

If you or a loved one may have a gambling problem, please contact the services below for advice and help. You can also read up on New Zealand’s gambling laws and new regulations on New Zealand Casinos.

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