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Top Tips for Avoiding Rogue Casinos – New Zealand 2017

Rogue casinos, by definition, are online gambling sites that fail to meet certain licensing requirements from overseas regulators and local gaming laws. These casinos may seem like they’re above board, but many have a few tell-tale signs that online casino players should be aware of. So, we’ve put together a few tips to spotting a rogue casino to help NZ players steer clear.

Rogue Casinos – New Zealand

Spotting Rogue Casinos

Sometimes an online casino may seem too good to be true, and for good reason. While they may look the part, these rogue casinos could be hiding darker secrets. For example, many a rogue casino has been reported for player negligence. However, this could be for a number of reasons, so don’t judge a reputable online casino too harshly for following procedure.

Appearances are Misleading

Everybody loves a clean homepage with loads of bonuses and games to tempt your eye. However, this might be hiding a lack of game titles and/or player support. Some rogue casinos have been known to show one provider’s titles, but the games aren’t there after a Kiwi players signs up. This is the first sign that an online casino is dodgy. Our team of expert players recommend not taking any bonus before finding out the terms of the casino.

Pirated Software

Another tell-tale sign at a rogue casino is gaming software, if the games don’t run smoothly or the interface seems off, close your account. Pirated software is dangerous and could put you at risk for gambling illegally. If you’re not sure if the software is illegally used, check for a secure lock icon in the search bar of your browser.

Check for Downloads on Rogue Casinos

If the online casino seems like it is legit, check for download software. If there are too many buttons or the download window prompts other installs, make sure you close it and scan your device. Rogue casinos may try to install viruses on your computer or malicious software to steal your information.

Terms and Conditions of Rogue Casinos

This leads us to the next sign that an Internet gaming site is less than squeaky clean. If the terms of the website are too vague, too strict, or not present at all, avoid it at all costs. These conditions could include wagering requirements that are too high, or allow the casino to take your winnings for any reason.

Check for a license

Nowadays, all online casinos will display their regulators’ logo at the bottom of their homepage to prove they are legitimate. Rogue casinos might also do this, but we advise clicking on the logo and seeing where the link goes. If it has no link or goes back to the homepage, close your tab immediately. Also, check for a third-party auditor like the eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance (eCOGRA) authority. If their seal also redirects, leave immediately.

Rogue Casinos and Spamming

One thing that is a dead giveaway for a rogue online gambling site is spamming online casino players. Spamming includes sending marketing emails constantly, or advertising ‘draws’ that scam Kiwi players out of their cash. This kind of behaviour is what leads our team of experts to blacklist a casino immediately.

Rogue Casinos - Spamming NZ

Rogue Casinos in New Zealand

If you’re still not sure about an online casino, check our blacklisted casinos guide. More so, rather try one of the recommended online casinos listed on our site to ensure you have a safe gaming experience. We guarantee that they are the best of the best for NZ gamblers according to our strict standards.

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