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VizExplorer and OpenWager Introduce New SocialLink™

VizExplorer has teamed up with OpenWager to bring a new and improved SocialLink to New Zealand players. The two companies hope to bring business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) together for social casino games. One of the most popular ways to enjoy social games is through Facebook. If you’ve ever played something like Candy Crush or Clash of Clans, you’ll be familiar with social gaming.

The unique draw of SocialLink™ is that all the games on offer are casino classics like online pokies or Blackjack. So you can enjoy live pokie machines, or wait your turn at the poker table and keep winning on your smartphone.

SocialLink - New Zealand

How SocialLink Works

OpenWager and VizExplorer are both social casino game providers who cater to land-based casinos. As a result, their games help casinos to track how many visitors they have. This will allow land-based casinos to attract more players in the long run by customising the gaming experience. Also, the partnership between VizExplorer and OpenWager is expected to keep track of cross-channel behaviour and offer promotions to the right players.

Cross-channel behaviour is another way to track and boost land-based casino visits. The new SocialLink is also expected to boost marketing strategies and keep gamblers happy while at the casino.

Future SocialLink Features

Depending on how the new SocialLink will be received, VizExplorer is hoping to integrate their slot optimiser floorViz™ and the sales platform hostVizOps™. These tools will debut at the Potawatomi Hotel & Casino in Wisconsin, USA. In addition, it’s expected that these tools will give casinos real-time player activity information. The casino will also be able to streamline their communication with players and task management skills. Other tools from VizExplorer include:

  • greetViz: this tool will be used to add to the real-time guest service at VizExplorer and OpenWager casinos.
  • techViz: the premier tool to help land-based casino maintain hundreds of slot machines easily.
  • campaignViz: a tool for marketing campaign management by VizExplorer, this is targeted at marketing campaign management.

More about SocialLink and VizExplorer

At the moment, these tools are only available at top American land-based casinos. However, VizExplorer does have offices in Wellington, so we expect to see these innovations at New Zealand’s land-based casinos soon.

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