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Winning Keno Strategy – How to Win Big

How to Win at Keno in New ZealandWhen trying a keno strategy for the first time, players will probably notice how hard it is. Most keno strategies suggested by websites aren’t always effective. Mainly, because some of them advocate cheating the lottery game while playing for real money.

Of course, this is completely illegal, so we decided to create a Keno strategy that is helpful and legal to use. We encourage keno players to customise our tips as well to create the best keno plan for them.

Before we get started, we need to mention that using any keno tactic is not guaranteed to win you money. There is no way to do so without cheating, and we don’t support dishonesty. After all, you could lose a lot more than money. Also, if you’re more interested in playing the game, we’ve listed the most popular online casino Keno sites.

Best Sites to Test Keno Strategies


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How to Form a Keno Strategy

So, when you’re starting to find a working strategy, we always recommend beginning with the basics. Our advice is to keep it simple if you’re learning the game. The best way to do this is to play free keno at a trusted casino website.

Any money you make, or lose, is fictional. Keeping to a simple set of guidelines can also determine what will work in the long run. Here are a few tips we like to start with for keno game strategies:

  1. Find a trusted casino and a game developer with regulated games.
  2. Choose a basic game to start with like a single card game.
  3. Watch the ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ number counter as the numbers are drawn.
  4. Make selections as randomly as you can along with ‘hot’ numbers.
  5. Bet small but consistently and don’t bump your wagers too much.
Best Sites to Test Keno Strategies

Quick Strategy for How to Win Keno Every Time

  • Learn how to play your particular keno game before signing up.
  • Play keno with a bonus for more money in your bankroll.
  • Practice playing the game by using a free version of it first.
  • Try to use multi-race, or multiple, keno cards.
  • Try not to pick too many numbers as part of the keno strategy.
  • Avoid using lucky numbers too often.
  • Factor in the odds when playing the game.
  • Work out the risks and rewards beforehand.

Top 5 Keno Strategy Tips

  1. Shop around for the best keno bonus deal
  2. Practice your keno strategy for free
  3. Go for multi-race cards and pick 20 numbers or more
  4. Learn the odds of the numbers that are drawn
  5. Stick to your bankroll and budget, don’t go over
Quick Strategy for How to Win Keno Every Time

Most Popular Keno Odds

Working out the odds for keno will depend on how numbers you’ve chosen and the number of numbers that ‘hit’. ‘Hits’ are matches in the game from the Random Number Generator. Multiply your hits and selected numbers by the proportion of your wager. Usually, the more numbers you play and are hit, the higher the payout.

However, payouts will vary depending on the game and casino. Still, when placing bets with a keno strategy, you should work out the chances of a win as shown below. But, always factor in the house edge when you work out your payouts.

Hits (wins) OddsImplied Probability
01 in 843.3800.11857057%
11 in 86.4461.15678605%
21 in 20.1154.97142576%
31 in 8.00912.48637168%
41 in 4.87720.50318987%
51 in 4.28723.32807380%
61 in 5.25819.01745147%
71 in 8.82611.32954556%
81 in 20.0554.98618021%
91 in 61.4201.62814048%
101 in 253.8010.39401000%
111 in 1,423.8220.07023351%
121 in 10,968.7010.00911685%
131 in 118,084.9200.00084685%
141 in 1,821,881.6280.00005489%
151 in 41,751,453.9860.00000240%
161 in 1,496,372,110.8720.00000007%
171 in 90,624,035,964.712
181 in 10,512,388,171,906.553
191 in 2,946,096,785,176,811.500
201 in 3,535,316,142,212,173,800.000

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Keno Strategy FAQs

Can you win at Keno?

Yes, if you’re prepared to lose money along the way because it is a game of chance with a high house edge.

What is the best Keno Strategy?

To be honest, the best strategy is anything that minimises your losses the most and will help you get better returns.

What are cold numbers in Keno?

Typically, these are numbers that get drawn less in certain games, according to statistical analysis.

What are hot numbers in Keno?

Generally, these are the numbers that are drawn the most over a lot of games out of the 80 numbers in rotation.

Are there any winning Keno patterns?

No, because many keno games use random number generators (RNGs), that ensure the fairness of draws. So, you can’t predict anything, and it’s impossible to cheat these games.

How much money can you win in Keno?

Depending on the game, you can win a lot of money in one go, especially when playing progressive jackpot keno.

How many numbers do you pick for Keno?

Generally, you will pick between 1-15 numbers from the 80 numbers available on your keno card.

Do previously drawn numbers affect future outcomes in Keno?

No, when you play keno online, the games are completely random and no outcome is influenced.