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Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for New Zealand Casinos

Recently updated on February 28th, 2017

Our privacy policy and terms of service are outlined below. We at New Zealand Casinos have outlined everything you need to know about our site. From security and privacy to our unique casino reviews.

Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

General Policies – Information

New Zealand Casinos will only collect your general data while you visit our site.

We may use this information for any of the following:

  • Customising ads.
  • Improving our service.
  • Contacting you.
  • Performing research.
  • Unnamed reporting.

Users under the age of 18 are legally not allowed to gamble in New Zealand. Therefore, they are not legally allowed to use our site according to New Zealand’s gambling laws.

Privacy Policy

We will not use your information for any reason other than those mentioned above.

We use encryption technology to ensure the safety of your details. For security purposes, this scrambles any details you give us.

You will never be asked to sign up for any reason on our website. However, your details may be used to contact you if you require help.


New Zealand Casinos can change any content on the site without notifying our readers beforehand.

Our mission is to provide fair, detailed and accurate information to New Zealand readers. However, we do acknowledge that some content may not be up to date. We will always work to make sure our content is updated as soon as we are aware of it.


Should you have any complaints, feel free to contact us here. This includes the following examples and any other reasons:

  • Unfair comments.
  • Inaccurate information.
  • Biased or incorrect reviews.
  • Complaints about an online casino reviewed by our team.
  • Complaints about an online casino game reviewed by our team.

This site is free, and our NZ readers will never be asked for monetary contributions.

Our team will never contact New Zealand players for any reason other than to respond to player complaints or comments.

Review Terms of Service

Any reviews were written and published on New Zealand Casinos are purely the opinions of our veteran gamblers.

Casino reviews are carefully researched and checked for accuracy. Any information provided by our team can be found on the online casinos’ and software providers’ websites.