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Online Craps New Zealand

Recently updated on January 12th, 2017

Online Craps New ZealandOnline Craps is a dice game that has become quite popular in certain parts of the world, namely North America. However, the game is also gaining popularity all around the world, including here at home in New Zealand. The game involves rolling a pair of dice and betting on the outcome of the roll. The game of craps can trace its roots back to the Crusades. It would slowly become simplified, becoming the game we all know today.

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Getting Comfortable with Online Craps

If you’re new to this casino game, we always recommend that you try to play it for free before betting real money on the game. This is equally valid for Online Craps, especially since the game can look very confusing at first. While the Craps Online table may look complicated and scary at first, it’s one of the simplest casino games. Part of the reason an Online Craps table looks so scary is because it is mirrored and each side is identical to the other. This is to allow more players to enjoy the game in a land-based casino. However, this is obviously not an issue when you start playing Craps online. This will hopefully make it seem a little less intimidating.

Getting Comfortable with Online Craps

Online Craps – The ‘Come Out Roll’ Phase

Once you start playing the game, there are two distinct phases of the game. The first phase is commonly known as the ‘Come Out Roll,’ which is followed by the ‘Point Phase.’ In the initial Come Out Roll phase, players will be required to place a bet on the table, either a Pass or Don’t Pass bet. Once this is done, the shooter will roll the dice. At this point of the game, the shooter is hoping to roll a 7 or 11. If they can do so, anyone who places a Pass bet will win. However, if they roll a 2, 3 or 12, they lose, and a new shooter will start rolling the dice.

Online Craps – The ‘Point’ Phase

If, however, the shooter rolls any other number, that number will become the objective for the next part of the game, the Point Phase. Once in this phase of the game, the shooter will be trying to roll that number before they roll a seven. If they manage to roll a seven before hitting their goal number, all Pass Bets lose, while Don’t Pass Bets win. That is essentially all you need to know to get started in online craps. Not bad for a game that looked so complicated in the beginning. Once you start to get a handle on the game, you can start to explore other betting options. However, as you’re learning the game and getting started, we recommend you keep things simple.

Why play Craps Online?

Many players often wonder what the point of playing a casino game online is and Online Craps is no different. There are many reasons to head to an online casino and have some fun, rather than going to a land-based one.

It’s so convenient

The first reason is the convenience, as you don’t have to leave your house. You won’t have to get dressed and climb into your car to drive to the casino. Want to play in your pyjamas? Go ahead; there’s no one to stop you. You can also pay anytime you want from your PC.

More control over your game

The next reason to pay Online Craps at a New Zealand online casino is that you have complete control over your gaming environment. It can sometimes be really frustrating at a land-based casino when you want to play a table game and there are no spots available for you. You’ll never have to wait for a spot at an online casino unless it’s a live game. On top of this, land-based casinos can be quite loud and have numerous distractions that might impact your ability to concentrate. This won’t be a problem when playing at an online casino, as you can make it as loud or as quiet as you want.

Lots of bonuses and promotions

Finally, New Zealand online casinos offer players fantastic welcome bonuses and other promotions. Plus, you will typically find that the betting limits are considerably lower at an online casino than they would be at a brick and mortar establishment. One last thing, online casinos will allow you to try out games like Online Craps for free in free play mode and get a feel for the game before you start wagering real money on the game. Just go and try that at a land-based casino and see how far you get.

Why play Craps Online?

How to Win Online Craps

Many New Zealand players are always looking for a new strategy or trick to help give them an edge. Unfortunately, in a game like Online Craps, there is no such thing. Craps is a game of pure chance, and there is nothing you can do to change the outcome of a dice roll. Once the shooter has rolled the dice, anything can happen. This means that whether you win or lose, that is all in the hands of lady luck.

There are however a few small pointers we can give you that might help your experience. Then, you can try online craps on a desktop or mobile. Read our dedicated page to learn how exactly to play craps for more information.

Don’t bet on Big 6 or Big 8

Many inexperienced Kiwi players are drawn into making this bet because it says ‘Big’ on the Craps table, so they assume they’ll win a large sum of money. This is actually not true as if you win on a Big 6 or 8 bet, Craps will only pay out even money. In other words, if you bet NZ$10, you’ll win NZ$10. When placing a Big 6 or 8 bet, you’ll need to have one of those numbers rolled before a 7 is rolled. If a 7 appears first, you lose. This bet actually gives the house a 9% edge. If you were to make a Place 6 or 8, you’d get a slightly better payout, and it reduces the house edge to 1.5%.

Using the 3 Point Molly

We expect that all New Zealand players who are heading to the Online Craps table will be hoping to make a profit and win some money If this is indeed the case, and we don’t know why it wouldn’t be, we can recommend that you give the 3 Point Molly system a try. The idea is that this betting system will give you three numbers in your corner and will hopefully work for you every single round.

In order to successfully use this betting system, you need to begin by placing a Pass Line Bet. Once this is done, make a Come Line Bet and back it up with single or double odds. We don’t recommend that you place more than Come Line Bets and Pass Line Bets though. Should any of your Come Line Bets get you a win, place another and keep doing this until the shooter drops a 7 or tosses their point. The idea behind this betting system is that you’ll be protecting your Pass Line bet with Come Line Bets, which will give you a better chance of winning.

Rules of Online Craps

As we mentioned when we started this article, Online Craps might look complicated but it is really quite simple to play. However, there are numerous different betting options available to the player and this can complicate matter a little if you have no idea what you’re looking at. As you gain experience though, you’ll also want to start placing other types of bets. So, these are the other betting options you can pay around with using the rules of Craps.

Pass Line

This is perhaps the simplest bet in the entire game of Craps. Essentially you are betting on the shooter will win their roll by getting a 7 or 11. If they roll a 2,3 or 12, people who have placed a pass line bet will lose. If the shooter rolls any other number, the goal will then be to roll it again before hitting a 7. This bet pays even money and has a low house advantage of just 1.41%

Don’t Pass Line

This is essentially the opposite of the Pass Line, where you bet against the shooter. You’re betting that a 2,3 or 12 will be rolled on the Come out Roll, or that a seven is rolled before the point.

Field bets

On the Craps table, you’ll notice a box that says Field with a section of numbers. You can place a Field bet at any phase of the game and it is a single roll bet, so you’re betting on the result of the next roll. If the dice roll yields a 3, 4,9, 10, or 11, you win even money If it lands on a 2 or 12, you’ll double win double your bet and if it lands on a 5, 6, 7, or 8, you lose.

Come Bets

This is very similar to the Pass Line Bet. However, you cannot place this bet during the Come out roll. As with the Pass Line Bet, you’re hoping the shooter rolls a 7 or 11 on the next roll. A 2,3 or 12 means you lose and any other number results in you getting your own special point that the shooter must hit before landing on a 7.

Place Bet

This is where you can place a bet on a specific number, either a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10. Essentially you need your number to come up before the next 7 is rolled. This bet can be placed at any point during the game, but is normally placed after the point has been determined. The payout differs between numbers though, as certain numbers have better odds of being rolled. Place a Place Bet on 4 or 10, and you’ll get a 9:5 payout if you win, while 5 and 9 will give you a 7:5 payout and 6:8 payout 7:6.

Buy bets

These are the same as Place bets, with the same betting options. However, there is no house edge on Buy Bets and they payout true odds with a 5% commission. It can be worthwhile to place a Buy Bet on a 4 or 10, but it would likely be a foolish decision for the other number, as you’ll have better luck placing a Place Bet on a 5, 9, 6, or 8.

Proposition Bets

Proposition bets come in an assortment of different types, but the one thing that remains constant is that they are all single-roll bets. His means that you are betting on the outcome of the very next roll and nothing more. If you’re playing in a land-based casino, you’ll need to tell the dealer you want to place on of these, as they have to do it. Below is a collection of Proposition Bets that are available to players.

Any Craps

This is where a player bets on 2, 3 or 12 coming up on the very next roll. The payout is 8:1, however, some casinos might offer a 7:1 payout.

Any 7

Placing a bet that 7 will come up on the next roll. Pays out 4:1 and has a 16.7% house edge.

Horn bet

When placing a Horn bet, the player is placing a four-way bet. If the number 2, 3, 11 and 12 come up on the next roll, the player wins. The payout changes depending on what number is rolled.


Hardways Bets are slightly different to other Propositional bets, as they are not single roll wagers. However, they are still classed as propositional bets. When you place a hardway bet, you are betting that an even number will come up, made out of two identical numbers. For example, you’re betting you will get 8 by landing two 4s. You’ll win if you get your hardways number before a 7 comes up, losing if 7 comes up first or your chosen number comes up the easy way, i.e. 5 and 3 when you made a hardways 8 bet.

Image of online craps gameplay

Online Craps Glossary

Now that you are fully aware of the various different types of betting options, we’ve compiled some other important terms. Below you’ll find some other terms related to the game of online craps.

  • Back Line: This is a slang term that is commonly used to refer to a Don’t Pass Line bet
  • Betting Right: This is where a player bets on the Pass or Come wagers. Essentially his means that your wagering the shooter will win
  • Betting Wrong: This is where you do the opposite to Betting Right. Here you’ll be betting on Don’t Pass or Don’t Come wagers, and this is considered by many players to be inconsiderate and unlucky. It does offer slightly better odds, though.
  • Bones: A slang term used to describe the dice in a Craps game
  • Cold Table: A Craps table that is seeing players constantly losing
  • Front Line: A slang term used in place of a Pass bet
  • Hot Table: A Craps table where players are winning consistently
  • Natural: This is what happens when you land on a 7 or 11. All players who placed Pass Line bets will immediately win.
  • Point: the number the Dice and on after the Come Out Roll, provided it wasn’t a 7, 11, 2, 3, or 12. This number will then be the goal for the remainder of the craps round.
  • Shooter: A term used to describe the player who is throwing the dice

A Brief History of Craps

Craps is one of those games that we have a pretty good idea how it came to be. Most Historians agree that the game can trace its origins back to the 12th Century. Back then, English soldiers would play a game called Hazard, which was similar to Craps, but significantly more complex. As it gained popularity, it eventually made its way to France, who would take it across the Atlantic Ocean to the New World. Once in America, the revisions to the rules began, and it was slowly made simpler and less complicated.

Image of online craps craps history

Where did the name come from?

The name of the game, Craps, is actually derived from the French word for Toad because this is what people looked like when they crouched around the dice in the street. It eventually evolved into the game we know today in 1907 when a man by the name of John H. Winn updated the game and added some rules. During the 20th century, Craps would see its popularity rise and fall. Once online casinos became a thing, its place was cemented as one of the all-time great casino games.

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Online Craps FAQs

I’ve never tried craps; can I play it for free?

This is a very common concern for new players interested in trying out online craps. New players won’t want to waste money on a game they are completely unfamiliar with. This is where online casinos have a massive advantage over their land-based siblings. Most online casinos will allow players to try new games for free before they start to wager real money. Online craps will be no different, and you shouldn’t have an issue finding several online casinos that will allow you to play for free.

What is the house edge in craps?

Whether you’re playing online or offline, the house typically has an edge of around 0.67% or more, depending on which bets you’re making. This doesn’t mean the game is rigged, though. All casinos have to have a slight advantage, in order to make any money at all. The house edge just comes down to the way the game is structured, as well as the law of averages.

What can I do to improve my chances of winning?

The unfortunate news is that online craps is a game of pure luck, so there really isn’t much you can do. You can try the 3-point molly system, but there is no guarantee. Otherwise, we can just say that you should use your head and make smart bets. Yes, you could win big on a risky bet, but most likely you’re just going to lose your money. Try and stick, for the most part, to bets that have good odds of you winning.

When playing craps, do I have to throw?

While in a land-based casino, you won’t be required to take on the role of the shooter. Many people don’t like being the shooter because they feel there is a lot of pressure on them from the other gamblers. When you’re playing online craps, though, you will have to be the shooter and click to throw the dice. However, you’ll be the only one in the room; you can’t get the throw wrong, and no one else will care about the outcome of the roll.

How can I be sure the game is fair?

As mentioned, online craps is a game of chance and players are going to win and lose. Players shouldn’t claim the casino is rigged just because they have lost some money. As for whether an online casino is fair, the only way to be sure is to research the casino before you start playing.

How easy is it to find online craps at a casino?

The truth of the matter is that you should have absolutely no problems finding an online casino that offers craps. Because online casinos aren’t limited by space, they tend to have vast game selections, so this will often include relatively unknown games. Online craps has quite a good reputation and is loved by many players. While it may not be as popular as some other titles, it should still be available at most online casinos.