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Online Lotto in New Zealand

Online Lotto in New ZealandOnline Lotto is the ultimate game of big dreams – having players swoon at the thought of what they would do if they won that Lotto jackpot. As one of the biggest games played worldwide, it was a no-brainer that the Lottery will take the Online Gaming sphere by storm. More so, Kiwis can now enjoy playing the lottery from the comfort of their own homes. Without the hassle of making their way to a Lotto New Zealand retailer by using state-of-the-art top online casinos NZ.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with buying a ticket, but online lotteries are quicker. There are many forms of lottos in New Zealand, so players can try them all with just a click. After all, variety is the spice of life and everyone wants a chance to win real cash. So, keep reading for our best tips on this age-old casino game.

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8 Mr Green
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14 River Belle Casino
15 Royal Vegas Casino
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17 Wixstars Casino
18 Playamo Casino
19 Spin Casino
20 Red Flush Casino
21 Vegas Palms Casino
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23 WatchMySpin Casino
23 Magic Red Casino

What you’ll find on this page

What is Online Lotto?

Online Lotto is also known as “Online Lottery” and it is a game where players try to guess the numbers that will be drawn in a single sequence for a prize. Online Lottery Games are internet versions of the popular casino games loved by many Kiwis. In New Zealand, there are different types of Online Lotto Games, with some of the most popular variants being the Lotto, Powerball, Strike!, Instant Kiwi, Bullseye and Keno. You can enjoy these at the best online casinos NZ.

What is an Online Lotto?

How to Play Online Lottos

New Zealand players have the choice of playing only the Lotto Game, or the Powerball Game in addition to it, or the Strike game in addition to it or both in addition to playing Lotto.

This is how it works:


  1. New Zealand players get a choice of numbers 1 to 40 to choose from.
  1. There are fifteen lines to play on a single ticket, but players have to play four or more lines per ticket online – one line equals one entry.
  1. Every line requires the player to pick six numbers for an entry to be valid.
  1. Additionally, players in New Zealand have the option of playing the Powerball with their lottery entry. The Powerball is an additional number on top of the line of numbers chosen by the player. There will be a section with number options 1 to 10 for the player to choose their Powerball from.
  1. If the player does not want to pick numbers, but wishes to play, there is an Autopick functionality that will pick random numbers for the player. When the player clicks on the Autopick button, a random sequence of numbers will appear and depending on whether the Powerball functionality is switched on, Autopick will randomly pick a Powerball for the player as well.
Online Lottery Tips


  1. Each time after a full line of numbers has been completed, be it manually or via Autopick, the player has the option to Reset or Confirm the Line.
  1. Once at least four lines of Lotto have been played, the Strike! option becomes available. This game requires the player to choose four numbers from 1 to 40 in the sequence they think it will be drawn and up to twenty Strike lines can be played per ticket.
  1. The player can track how much it will cost to play as the price of the ticket is calculated automatically when the player resets and confirms lines on the ticket. Once the player is happy with the ticket and ready to enter, the player must click on the “Buy now” button.
  1. After pressing on “Buy now”, the New Zealand player will get a summary of the lines and games played as well as a summary of the costs to double check that everything is in order. The player will also get an option to play for the next draw, the next two draws or the draw after the next draw. Additionally, the player has an option to enter in eight more draws with the same ticket.
  1. To finalise the entry, the player must click on the “Confirm purchase” button. The player is then redirected to a confirmation of entry page. All there is to do now is for the player to keep their fingers crossed and wait for the show on TV One on Wednesday nights (8:20) and Saturday nights (8:00).

Online Keno for Kiwis

Online Keno offers New Zealand players the flexibility to choose the rules and the stakes for their game.

How to Play Online Lotto Keno

Playing Keno in 5 easy steps:

  1. New Zealand players get to choose their preferred total of numbers to play (can choose up to 10 numbers per line).
  1. Players choose which amount they are willing to spend per line. The amounts range from NZ$1 to NZ$100.
  1. Players get to choose how many draws they want to play. There are four draws every day and players can choose any amount of draws from 1 to 28.
  1. The four daily draws always happen the same times of the day and players get to pick which draws they want to enter into. The first is at 10 am, the second is at 1pm, the third is at 3pm and the last one is at 6pm.
  1. All that is left to do now is for the players to pick any numbers from 1 to 80. Then it is just a matter of adding more lines and buying the ticket.

The “Reset”, “Confirm”, “Autopick” and “Buy now” buttons also apply in the same way in the Game of Keno.

Bullseye – Online Lotto

Bullseye is an easy Online Lotto game to play and it is quite popular in New Zealand. The player’s aim is to guess a number as close as possible to the number that will be drawn that day. Players can enter with $2 and choose any six-digit number from 000 000 to 999 999 to stand a chance to win NZ$100 000 every day!

When a player guesses the exact number that is drawn, they get the first division prize as they have hit the bullseye and they win a whopping NZ$100 000. If the jackpot is not won, it carries over to the next day on top of the jackpot of that day until it reaches NZ$400 000. So, when the jackpot hits NZ$400 000, a Bullseye Must Be Won draw is held.

Bullseye - Online Lotto

Online Lotto – Simple and easy to play

If you are looking to simplify things even more without missing out on a chance to win, you can pick a Dip on your Online Keno or Bullseye Game. Also, if you are on the lookout for more fun Lottery Games in New Zealand that might tickle your fancy, try Play3, Instant Kiwi and 2ND Chance.

The History of Lotto in New Zealand

  • Approved in February 1986 by the New Zealand Cabinet
  • The legislation to approve the Lottery was passed with a 47–20 vote in Parliament
  • The first Lotto draw was held on 1 August 1987
  • With time, more games like Kiwi scratch cards, Lotto Strike, Keno, Bullseye and Powerball were introduced.

Basic Online Lotto Glossary


The Powerball is an add on game. Every Powerball must correspond with a Lotto line and players have options from 1-15 for their Powerball per ticket. In the live draw, the Powerball is drawn directly after the Lotto draw.


Strike is also an add on game – it only becomes available after the player has four lotto entries on a single ticket. In Strike players need to try guess the first four numbers that will be drawn in the Lotto draw in the sequence they will be drawn in. More so, adding a Strike means that the player is entering to win an additional $400 000.


New Zealand Players can use this functionality of the Online Lotto Games to randomly picks the numbers for them when they don’t feel like choosing the numbers themselves.


When selecting their Lotto Game numbers online, players can hit this button to redo their selections.

Confirm Line

This is the button players press when they are happy with the selection of number sequence they have chosen in any given line of Online Lotto Games.

Lucky Dips

With Lucky Dips players get to choose between four groupings of lottery entries – each choice with a different number of lines on the ticket. Lucky Dips are easier to play as the computer will randomly pick all of the numbers for the player. The Lucky Dip options are:

Lotto Lines Cost
8 NZ$4.80
10 NZ$6.00
15 NZ$9.00
20 NZ$12.00

Power Dips

Power Dips are similar to Lucky Dips – the only difference is that these lucky packs include Powerball entries. The Power Dips options are:

Lotto Lines Powerball Lines Cost
8 8 NZ$9.00
10 10 NZ$12.00
15 15 NZ$18.00
20 20 NZ$24.00

Triple Dips

Triple Dips are Power Dips dipped in some Strikes! The Triple Dips options are:

Lotto Lines Powerball Lines Strike Lines Cost
10 10 2 NZ$14.00
10 10 4 NZ$16.00
15 15 2 NZ$18.00
20 20 2 NZ$24.00


In the game of Keno players get to choose not only their numbers, but also how many numbers they want to play per line, how much they would like to spend per line, which draws they want to play for and how many draws they want to enter into. You can find great Kiwi casinos with Keno options on our site.


All Lotto Games which allow players to choose their own numbers have this feature. On the official Lottery website players can save their favourite numbers in case they want to use them for future entries. In order for players to save their favourite numbers on the website they need to sign up.


Online bingo is a popular game that dates back to the 16th century. This is a great lottery game because anyone can play it, and you can play multiple cards. In online bingo, players will try to spell out bingo from the numbered balls called. For example “B2” or “o25,’ numbers can automatically marked, or you can mark them yourself.

More casino games for Kiwis:

More casino games for Kiwis:

Online Lotto FAQs


[su_spoiler title=”How much does it cost to play the Lottery Online in New Zealand?” style=”fancy”]

This will depend on the type of lotto game you are playing.

  • Lotto – 60 cents per line (players must play at least four lines when choosing their own numbers).
  • Powerball – 60 cents per line (players must play at least four lines when choosing their own numbers).
  • Strike! – NZ$1 per line
  • Lucky Dips – ranges from NZ$4.80 to NZ$12. The cost to the players will depend on which option they opt for.
  • Powerball Dips – ranges from NZ$9.60 to NZ$24. The cost to the players will depend on which option they opt for.
  • Keno – New Zealand players have a choice on how much they want to spend. There are nine options from as little as NZ$1 to as much as NZ$100 to choose from.
  • Bullseye – NZ$2 per entry. However, players can save by entering into more draws. Entering into seven consecutive draws costs NZ$10 and entering into fourteen consecutive draws costs NZ$20. Meaning that players can save NZ$4 and NZ$8 respectively in this way.


[su_spoiler title=”Is it more expensive to play the Lotto Online?” style=”fancy”]

It depends where you are playing from online. The New Zealand official Lottery website is a sensible choice cost-wise and for safety reasons. If you are buying your tickets from an online reseller, you will probably pay more as they are likely to add a mark-up on the price.


[su_spoiler title=”Is it safe to play the New Zealand Lottery Online?” style=”fancy”]

The best option is playing Lotto Games on the official Lottery website. This Crown entity is part of the state sector and the state is for what is in the best interest of Kiwis. Players must play responsibly and always be wary of any hints of deceptiveness when dealing with money both online and off. Obviously all legitimate Online Games are regulated and any entity which does not comply with the regulations is breaking the law.


[su_spoiler title=”Will I have a better chance of winning when I play the same numbers over and over?” style=”fancy”]

Every single draw is unique and there is no guarantee that any sequence of numbers will be drawn. So whether you keep playing the same numbers over and over or chop and change them, in the end it is all about chance. A Lotto jackpot winner may be a first time player instead of regular players, or vice versa.

Playing the same numbers repeatedly will not make your chances of winning better or worse, because every single entry has the same chance of being drawn. So in the end it is a matter of preference and which numbers are making you feel lucky. The only guarantee there is, is that one set of numbers will be drawn.


[su_spoiler title=”Are there any special offerings with playing Lottery Games Online in New Zealand?” style=”fancy”]

Yes, you can save when playing Bullseye games. One entry into one draw costs NZ$2, but if you opt to enter into seven consecutive games, you only pay $10. And if you opt to enter into fourteen consecutive draws, you only pay NZ$20. Meaning you save NZ$8.


[su_spoiler title=”Can I play the Lotto for free online?” style=”fancy”]

The whole point of the Lottery is to raise funds. This could be for a number of reasons like the government using it as a strategy for economical sustainability so that taxes will not have to be increased, supporting charities which contribute to the well-being of those in need etc. Either way, there will also be winners, some of big amounts, and others of smaller amounts. Also, that money has to come from somewhere. Although it would be favourable to enter for free and actually really stand a chance to win. No matter how small, it would also be naïve to expect a legitimate Lotto Game to allow free entries. The whole point of the game is that players give in exchange for that chance to receive.