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Does Quick Picking Lottery Numbers Work?

Recently updated on October 1st, 2021

Every lottery draw is random, so why not choose your ticket numbers randomly with quick picks? When you buy a lotto ticket, you can choose to Quick Pick or use your numbers. There’s no right or wrong choice, but it can improve your odds if you use one method over the other.

So, we’ve compiled this guide to help you decide whether random choices or significant numbers are for you. Plus, we included how the random numbers are generated to help you get an idea of fairness for this lotto NZ feature.


Does Quick Picking Lottery Numbers Work?

Quick Picks vs Self-Picks

When it comes to choosing your winning jackpot numbers, you need all of the facts. According to the data, Quick Pick tickets win 70% of the time, and some of the biggest winners ever recommend random numbers.

With chances like that, picking your own numbers could make things unlucky. Many people add the caveat of avoiding dates since those are popular.

Quick Picks Pros and Cons

Benefits of Quick Picking

  • Random picks are the fastest way to play in-store when buying one or multiple tickets at your nearest retailer.
  • While your winning odds remain the same, your chances of sharing the jackpot are lower since you didn’t follow a pattern.
  • If you don’t use the same numbers every time, you won’t feel like you missed out if your numbers don’t come up.

Drawbacks of Randomised Picking

  • You can’t take advantage of popular numbers, patterns, or meaningful events.
  • It will take longer to identify a win with a random line over a specific set, so keep your ticket handy.
  • If you don’t like the picks, you can’t return the lottery ticket or change them out.

Pros and Cons of Selecting Numbers

Benefits of Self Picking

  • You can pick the ticket numbers using any method that you like, from important dates to patterns.
  • It’s easier to check if you’ve won because you probably remember the sequence you chose.
  • You can play multiple draws and even in advance, thanks to using your method.

Drawbacks of Lucky Number Picking

  • It takes longer to get your picks, especially during record jackpot amounts, because you might have to queue to fill in the playslip and again to pay.
  • Your chance of winning a shared jackpot is higher with numbers relating to important dates.
  • There’s always a margin for error when filling out a playslip by picking the wrong one or forgetting to tick a box.

So, Does Quick Picking Lottery Numbers Work?

There’s plenty to support the theory since about 70%-80-% of major jackpot winners used the quick pick option. It seems to work, but other players likely have the same idea as you when playing lottery games.

Still, it boils down to what makes sense for you and your strategy to start winning. One thing that should take top priority is setting a budget and sticking with it. Whether you win the big prize or not, your odds of winning are low, and you can’t afford to spend a paycheck on tickets.

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