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How to Play Bingo – Best Ways to Win

Recently updated on July 22nd, 2020

bingo tips and tricks for new zealand playersLearning how to play bingo is very easy, because most players will most likely already know how to play bingo. It is a very popular lottery game after all.

Since the game’s modern-day inception in the 1930s, it really has boomed to become a modern staple at many family-friendly social events as a means to distribute prizes to players. If you have really never gotten the chance to try out bingo before and would like to learn how to play the game, we have got you covered.

Below is our ultimate how to play bingo guide, which includes a set of step-by-step points that are very easy to understand as well as an explanation of the game’s rules. We have also included a set of tips and tricks you should keep in mind while playing this famous lotto game. So, stick with us and you’ll be playing bingo games for real money in no time!

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How to Play Bingo Online: Step-By-Step Guide

Although there are multiple types of bingo, they all pretty much retain the same rules and that is to create a predetermined pattern on your card.

  1. Select Your Bingo Game – there are multiple variations of bingo available, including 30, 75, 80, and 90-ball bingo. Your first point of business should be to select the variation you would like to play.
  2. Get Your Card – in order to participate in the game, bingo players will need to get a bingo card. Some games may even allow them to take multiple.
  3. Listen to the Numbers Being Called Out – once the game has officially started, a caller will begin randomly selecting numbers and calling them out. Then players mark numbers on their card as they’re placed on the bingo board.
  4. Pay Mind to The Required Pattern – before the game begins, the caller will determine a pattern the card needs to make in order for the player to win the jackpot. Pay mind to what pattern you get on your card as the game goes on.
  5. If You’re Lucky, Collect Your Winnings – if you are lucky enough to be the first player to create the required pattern, collect your winnings as you have won the game.

Bingo Rules

Before you begin playing, it may be helpful to familiarise yourself with the rules of bingo, which are very easy to understand. Just keep the facts listed below in mind and you’ll be good to go:

  • When players join a game of bingo, they are given a grid-like card that features the word “BINGO” spelt out at the top. Below these letters will be a range of numbers usually between a certain amount. For example, the letter “I” might be limited to numbers between 30 and 45.
  • The person in charge of the game (often referred to as the bingo caller) will select a predetermined pattern that players will need to match with their cards. This could be matching the full card, the first to fill a row or the first to match diagonal lines.
  • Players will need to pay attention to see whether the numbers called outmatch those on their card. If you are playing online, this should happen automatically.

With these basic rules in mind, you are ready to begin learning how to play.

how to play bingo step by step

How to Win Bingo Online

Playing bingo online isn’t all that different from playing at a bingo hall. In fact, it may just be a little easier to find your preferred variation of the game. Essentially, all you need to do to begin playing online is the following:

  1. Sign up to a gambling site that offers bingo.
  2. Make a deposit into your account (don’t forget to claim a welcome bonus if you haven’t already).
  3. Select the bingo game you would like to play, there are even progressive jackpot games.
  4. Begin playing the game and fill up the free space on your randomly numbered bingo card.
  5. Collect any winnings after the game is played fully.

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Play Bingo: Tips & Tricks

While bingo is most definitely a game that is highly reliant on luck, there are a few tips players can follow to improve their odds of winning. Some such tips include the following:

  • Choose Games with Fewer Players – if the gambling site allows you to see how many players are involved in each game, choose the game with the fewest. This gives you a bigger chance of winning as there won’t be as many people to compete against.
  • Buy Multiple Cards – if a game allows you to buy more than one card, do so. You up your chances of winning by doing so. However, make sure that you do not buy more cards than you can handle though as this could lead you to not notice that you’ve actually won.
  • Alternatively, Play More Games – instead of buying more cards, you could also consider playing more games. This equally gives you more chances to win bingo games when you play on mobile. Just make sure that you have the time to waste on playing many games.
  • Choose Cards with Median Numbers – if you can pick your card, try to go with cards that feature numbers in the middle. The Tippet Theory suggests that numbers called out in a bingo game tend to gravitate towards the median. Bear in mind though that this theory has never been proven.

Play Bingo FAQs

How does the game of bingo work?

Essentially, you buy a bingo card, then mark off the random numbers when they get called, and you yell bingo if you win.

How do you win at bingo?

To win at bingo, you need to play multiple cards and ensure that you get matches on each line.

How do you play bingo?

Simply put, to play bingo you buy cards, wait for bingo balls to get drawn, then the numbers get put on the board, and you mark off the numbers.

How do you cheat at bingo?

To be completely honest, we don’t recommend cheating at bingo, since it’s a randomised game.

What bingo numbers are called the most?

Depending on the game, the numbers called will always vary, since the probabilities involved are against you.

Is there any skill in bingo?

Yes, if you play enough, you get better at marking, though you probably won’t win every time.

Can bingo games be rigged?

No, online bingo games can’t be rigged because of Random Number Generators (RNGs) that generate unique outcomes.