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Pai Gow FAQs Answered

Pai Gow FAQS for Kiwi Players

Our Pai Gow FAQs guide has all the answers you are looking for. Pai Gow has a poker variant that is played in a unique way which tests how well players know their poker rankings. The card game has a rich history. The poker game is based off a Chinese game played with tiles.

The poker varient is a slow-paced card game that requires skill and strategy to increase odds. One of the most popular Pai Gow questions asked are what is Pai Gow and where is it from.  There are number of frequently asked questions when it comes to Pai Gow . We know playing any poker game online can be daunting, and you may have a few questions regarding the poker game.

If you have never played Pai Gow, our FAQs page is the perfect way to get started. We have answered all the Pai Gow FAQs that come up when learning how to play the poker game online. We have also listed the best casino sites for Kiwi players. Sign up today for great promotions and bonuses.

Best Pai Gow Casino Sites NZ

We’ve rounded up the best casino sites to play pai gow for New Zealanders.

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3 Casino Tropez
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4 All Slots Casino
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Expert Answers to Pai Gow FAQs

What is Pai Gow?

Pai Gow is a gambling game played with dominoes. Pai Gow poker is a card variation of the gambling game. It is played with a 53-card deck (including the joker) and six players. Players have to defeat the dealer by creating the best two hands from seven cards.

Where Did the Pai Gow Originate?

The card game is based off of Pai Gow Tiles, a Chinese game. Sam Torosian created the card game in 1985. The card game replaced the 32 dominoes with a deck of cards.

How Different is Pai Gow From Traditional Poker?

Traditional poker only requires players to create one hand while Pai Gow requires players create two separate hands. In Pai Gow, the players have to play both hands at the same time while using the standard poker rankings.

What is Banking in Pai Gow?

Playing Pai Gow at a land-based casino allows players to play the casino’s role. The bank role may rotate around the table. When taking the banker’s role, players have to have a bankroll that can cover bets from other players and the dealer. The player will also have to set his or her hand the house way. Five percent commission will be taken off of your winnings should you profit as the banker in that specific hand. Online Pai Gow does not have the banking option as the computerised dealer takes on that role in all hands.

Does Pai Gow Feature  Strategy?

Yes, the Pai Gow strategy requires players to understand the different winning hands and are able to create the best hand possible from the cards you are dealt. As part of the strategy, players also need to understand the different betting systems. Learning and using a Pai Gow poker strategy will increase the players chance of winning and improve the players’ odds.

How Does the Joker Work?

In most poker games, the joker and is discarded; however, in Pai Gow , the joker is a wild card. The joker can be used an Ace or use to complete a straight or flush or straight flush.  The joker is the perfect way to complete a Five of a kind hands with just aces.

What is the House way?

Each casino has its own prescribed way of setting their Pai Gow hand. There is no standard house way for casinos to use. Players can ask for assistance from the dealer by using the house way strategy. This is the strategy that banker must use. If playing online, there will be a button that automatically sets your hand the house way should you need assistance.

Kiwi Pai Gow FAQs

What Is A ‘Copy’ in Pai Gow?

A copy happens when both you and the dealer have a tie in either the two-card hand or five-card hand. A copy is considered a win for the dealer.

When Would A Push Occur?

A push takes place when the player wins one of the two hands, and the dealer wins the other hand.

Can Pai Gow be Rigged?

No, provided that player is playing at safe and reputable casinos. Online Pai Gow poker uses a random number of generators making the games fair for both the player and the casino.

Can I Win Real Money Playing Pai Gow?

Of course, playing using a strategy can reduce house edge, and players with just luck on their side can walk away with a generous profit.

Does Pai Gow have Good Odds?

Pai Gow has fair odds. A game of Pai Gow can go one of three ways. There is a 30% possibility that the dealer will win both hands. 29% chance that the player will win both hands and 41% chance that the hand will end in a tie.

What is the Pai Gow House edge?

The house edge is dependent on the house way, who is the banking and the strategy. The house usually has an edge of 1.3% during hands. Players stand to get 5 000 000: 1 on a seven-card straight flush and 8000 to 1 on a seven-card straight flush bonus bet.

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