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New Laws for Japanese Casino Bids

Recently updated on April 16th, 2018

While gambling is now legal in Japan, legislation for casinos is still being discussed in parliament. An influx of casino bids has made it vital for lawmakers to provide for fraud in these proposals. It may seem a little premature, but Japanese officials have decided to add fraud provisions to their gambling regulations. All casino bids and license renewals will be subject to scrutiny in case of false claims.

The proposed laws will be submitted to the government on 27 April. These laws stipulate certain fines for operators trying to obtain a gaming license with false claims. Reportedly, operators using fraudulent means to obtain a license will be fined ¥500 million (NZ$6.34 million). The Japan Times has apparently obtained a copy of the new law, which also requires substantial responsible gambling measures from operators hoping to obtain a license.

Casino Bids face Scrutiny in Japan – NZ Casino News

Fraudulent Casino Bids

While it’s unclear if any current land-based casino bids have made false claims, it’s still possible that there could be future bids from operators trying their luck. Currently, each gaming license will be awarded provided that a full business plan is included. Each bid will also have to include plans for public spaces and facilities.

When we last reported on this story, there were four key requirements for a casino bid. They included requirements for recreation facilities, a convention centre, a travel agency and a hotel. Now, proposals must include gambling addiction provisions and measures to protect players. Laws are also in place to restrict local visits to ten per month.

Any casino bids submitted will also need to have proof that company management does not have ties to organised crime. What’s more, false business plans will face a ¥5 million (NZ$63 445) fine or a five-year prison sentence.

Favourites for Integrated Resorts

At the moment, many international gambling operators are vying for one of three gaming licenses in Japan. These include Melco Resorts, Galaxy Entertainment and Las Vegas Sands. Local resort operator, Kamori Kanko, have put forth a proposal for a casino at the Hokkaido Ski Resort. For the moment, the inclusion of a casino floor at an established resort could be the favourite for Japanese officials. After all, Hokkaido is a popular tourist destination already. Keep visiting NZ Casinos for updates on this story.

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