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LGPA Looking at Shot Tracking to Boost Betting Interests

Recently updated on February 1st, 2019

Since the ban on sports betting was lifted in America, most professional sports leagues have welcomed legal betting. One league, the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LGPA), has decided to invest in ways to make real time bets more exciting. They will soon have shot tracking systems like the PGA tour, to track data during the tour. In turn, this will make golf betting much easier where it’s legal in the US.

Currently, the PGA tour has the best system for shot tracking. In fact, it tracks every ball on the men’s tour in real time across the entire course. Still, it will take time to incorporate a system on the LGPA tour. This type of tracking allows sportsbooks to update betting lines and odds almost instantly. So, there’s plenty of reason for the ladies tour to do the same.

LGPA Investing in Shot Tracking for Online Betting – NZ Golf News

LGPA Shot Tracking Plan

Mike Whan, the LGPA commissioner, has made it clear as to why the tour is looking into shot tracking. They plan to leverage the data when sports betting starts to take off. Reportedly, Whan believes that introducing the system now will put the tour ahead of the curve. What’s more, the system will help bettors to perceptively place bets throughout the tournament.

Golf is expected to be one of the biggest beneficiaries of the changing American market since the ban was lifted. According to a Nielsen Sports study, this is because those betting on the sport are more likely to watch it in the States where betting is legal. However, the span of most courses is a logistical issue. At all times, there are at least 144 balls in play across six miles. That’s why Whan has speculated about ‘starting small’ with four holes.

International Focus

Of course, the end goal of all this is to grow the ladies’ golf tour internationally and benefit from more recognition. While the tour is popular in America, ladies’ golf is far more popular in Asia. According to the LGPA, golf is really popular countries like China, Japan, Thailand, Korea and Taiwan. More specifically because 60 women in the top 100 are Asian and are famous in their home countries. As a result, the LGPA is planning to host six tournaments in 2019 across Asia.

In case you were wondering, 47% of the world’s sports bets are placed in the Asia-Pacific region. This figure makes the existing popularity of the tour there a big draw. Adding shot tracking could even skyrocket the ladies’ tour to eclipse the PGA for live golf betting.

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