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What Is Full Pay Video Poker?

Recently updated on August 18th, 2021

In short, full-pay video poker is any variant of the gaming machine with the highest possible payout percentage. In many cases, this is the 9/6 version, where the maximum coins are paid out for the winning hands. Comparatively, the 8/5 version increases the house edge by removing one coin from each payout.

We’ll get into the nitty-gritty later on, but you need to know that the ratio of full pay shows the payout for a Royal Flush (9 coins) and the Flush (6 coins). These establish the range of the table and will help you to aim for the best payouts.

What Is Full Pay Video Poker?

Full Pay Video Poker Explained

Since video poker machines are so similar to slots, they use the same payback system while featuring the rules of five-card poker. There are hundreds of variants available at online casinos, so choosing the right game can make or break your gaming experience.

After all, we’re all in it to win money, and picking the highest paying games is the endgame. In many cases, the best paying games are 9/6, which mainly focuses on Jacks or Better. When compared to Deuces Wild or Double Bonus, the payouts are higher for higher-ranking hands.

Low Pay vs Full Pay Video Poker

With full payout games, you need to consider the return to player (RTP) percentage. These percentages are based on thousands of sample hands to calculate the possible returns. For many video poker machines, this is over 98% when you bet five coins per hand.

To calculate the house edge, you will theoretically spend $100 in bets or 100 hands. If the payback is 99.54%, the house edge is then 0.46%. However, this is not a guarantee that you’ll win $99.54 when you play.

In low pay games, your chances of losing more money are higher since most RTPs will drop under 98%. With that in mind, your best bet would be the higher-paying games, but they’re harder to find than you’d expect at virtual casinos.

Low Pay vs Full Pay Video Poker

Best High Payout Video Poker Games

While there are hundreds of versions of video poker to enjoy, there are three top games that pay the most when there’s a high paytable. We don’t recommend playing any variation other than the full-pay to avoid losing more than you’d expect.

1. Jacks or Better Full-Pay

Jacks or Better HandPrizeCombinationsProbabilityReturn
Royal Flush80041,126,0220.0000251.9807%
Straight Flush50181,573,6080.0001090.5465%
Four of a kind253,924,430,6470.0023635.9064%
Full House919,122,956,8830.01151210.3610%
Three of a kind3123,666,922,5270.07444922.3346%
Two Pair2214,745,513,6790.12927925.8558%
Jacks or Better1356,447,740,9140.21458521.4585%
All Other0906,022,916,1580.5454350.0000%


2. Deuces Wild Full-Pay

Deuces Wild Hand1 Coin2 Coins3 Coins4 Coins5 Coins
Natural Royal Flush30060090012004000
Four Deuces2004006008001000
Wild Royal Flush255075100125
Five of a Kind1530456075
Straight Flush918273645
Four of a Kind510152025
Full House3691215
Three of a Kind12345
Theoretical Return99.7%99.7%99.7%99.7%100.8%


3. Double Bonus Poker

Double Bonus Hand1 Coin2 Coins3 Coins4 Coins5 Coins
Royal Flush25050075010004000
Straight Flush50100150200250
Four Aces160320480640800
Four 2, 3, or 480160240320400
Four 5-K50100150200250
Full House1020304050
Three of a Kind3691215
Two Pair12345
Jacks or Better12345
Theoretical Return99.1%99.1%99.1%99.1%100.2%


Top Full Pay Video Poker Casinos

Minimum Deposit Casino: Jelly Bean

1. Jelly Bean

  • Max Bonus: $1000
  • Min deposit: $35
  • Playthrough: 33x
Play Now
Gate777 Casino

2. Gate777

  • Max Bonus: $1000
  • Min deposit: $20
  • Playthrough: 35x
Play Now
LeoVegas Casino

3. LeoVegas

  • Max Bonus: $1600
  • Min deposit: $20
  • Playthrough: 35x
Play Now

4. Twin Casino

  • Max Bonus: $400
  • Min deposit: $10
  • Playthrough: 40x
Play Now
GrandMaster Jack Casino

5. GrandMaster Jack

  • Max Bonus: $300
  • Min deposit: $20
  • Playthrough: 50x
Play Now
WatchMySpin Casino

6. WatchMySpin

  • Max Bonus: $400
  • Min deposit: $10
  • Playthrough: 40x
Play Now
Casino Tropez

7. Casino Tropez

  • Max Bonus: $3000
  • Min deposit: $20
  • Playthrough: 30x
Play Now
Wild Card City Casino

8. Wild Card City

  • Max Bonus: $5000
  • Min deposit: $20
  • Playthrough: 50x
Play Now
King Johnnie Casino

9. King Johnnie

  • Max Bonus: $6000
  • Min deposit: $20
  • Playthrough: 50x
Play Now
Jackpot Jill Casino

10. Jackpot Jill

  • Max Bonus: $7500
  • Min deposit: $20
  • Playthrough: 50x
Play Now

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