Horse racing was the first legalised form of sports betting in New Zealand. Horse racing betting is a popular pastime for many Kiwis because there are many races happening at any time. Betting on the outcome of horse races is easy, but do you know all the ins and outs of horse racing? Read our quick guide to race betting to get started with New Zealand horse racing betting.

Horse Racing Betting - New Zealand

Top Horse Racing Betting Sites New Zealand

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Horse Racing Betting Tips for Kiwis

The world of horse racing has been around for a long time, and is popular across the globe. Countries like Australia, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and America all have special horse racing events. In New Zealand, betting on horse races is legal, and can be done online with reputable sports betting websites. To get started with horse race betting, check out our fast step-by-step guide.

Step-by-Step Horse Racing Betting

  1. Sign up at a regulated bookmaker such as those above.
  2. Choose a legal race, regulated by the Totalisator Agency Board (TAB) or similar.
  3. Pick a trainer or jockey or horse.
  4. Check the odds of the race on the side of your race table.
  5. Place your bet in New Zealand Dollars.
  6. Double check your bet and the odds of you winning.
  7. Wait for the race to run.

So, depending on your chosen online bookmaker, the results will be shown right away. Your winnings or losses will also be added right away.

Horse Racing Odds

OddsNZNZ$2 PayoffOddsNZNZ$2 PayoffOddsNZNZ$2 Payoff

Horse Racing - Betting Tips NZ

Horse Racing Bets

Here are a few common horse racing bets for Kiwi players to get started.


Placing a bet on one horse, who must win to collect winnings.


Payouts can only happen if the chosen horse places first or second.


Betting on one horse placing first, second or third.


Kiwis can place bets on two horses, but the winners must win in the right order to collect winnings.

Exacta Box

Betting on two or more horses, who must place first and second to collect payouts.

  • 2 horse box- NZ$2
  • 3 horse box – NZ$6
  • 4 horse box – NZ$12
  • 5 horse box – NZ$20
  • 6 horse box – NZ$30
  • 7 horse box – NZ$42
  • 8 horse box – NZ$56


Placing a bet on three horses coming first, second and third in exact order.

Trifecta Key

To place a Trifecta Key in horse racing, players must choose one horse to win and two others to come in second and third place.

  • A single horse over 3 others – NZ$6
  • 1 horse over 4 others – NZ$12
  • One horse over 5 others – NZ$20
  • 1 horse over 6 others – NZ$30
  • 1 horse over 7 others – NZ$42

Trifecta Box

This is when bettors choose three horses who finish in the top three spots to receive a bigger payout.

  • 3 horse box – NZ$6
  • 4 horse box – NZ$24
  • 5 horse box – NZ$60
  • 6 horse box – NZ$120
  • 7 horse box – NZ$210
  • 8 horse box – NZ$33


Choosing four horses who must finish in the right order to receive payouts.

Superfecta Key

Same as the Trifecta bet, with a ‘key’ horse and three others placing in the right order.

  • A key horse over 3 others – NZ$6
  • a horse over 4 others – NZ$24
  • 1 horse over 5 others – NZ$60
  • One horse over 6 others – NZ$120
  • 1 horse over 7 others – NZ$210

Superfecta Box

Betting on four horses placing in any order to receive a payout.

  • 4 horse box – NZ$24
  • 5 horse box – NZ$120
  • 6 horse box – NZ$360

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