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Paddy Power Bettors Can Now Place Bets on Facebook Messenger

Paddy Power, a UK-based bookmaker, has just announced their latest betting innovation. The bookmaker, known for pushing limits, has created a text betting system. Kiwi players can now place bets online from the Facebook Messenger service. Bettors can now make faster wagers in real time using the new product.

Paddy Power - New Zealand

Paddy Power Bets

The new product from Paddy Power is yet to be released, but the product will be powered by Onionsack. Onionsack is a leading text betting provider, who also partnered with other sports betting chains like Ladbrokes and William Hill. The firm offers bettors a ‘chatbot,’ which is a program that analyses messages and responds like a human would. Chatbots will help bettors place wagers directly through the messenger app.  As part of Onionsack’s SaaS message platform, players can log into their account. This innovation will allow players to bet on events like the Cheltenham Festival.

Gamblers can then check their balance and make a bet. The bot will receive and understand the message, then make the transaction. This is similar to normal SMS-bet systems but includes custom notifications and other features. Players can also access videos, blogs and podcasts in their Messenger inbox.

Paddy Power’s Service

According to Paddy Powers product director, Michael Heely, the company felt that text betting would be the next step. He also stated that their team had noticed bettors were already on Facebook and enjoyed the ease of messaging apps like Messenger. More so, Heely said that Paddy Power was ‘delighted’ to be the pioneer of the service. Bettors can also choose to receive odds and ‘tailored notifications’ via the chatbots.

Additionally, the CEO of Onionsack, Jonathan Power, said that they were expecting more bookmakers to launch chatbots soon. After all, gamblers love convenience and new technologies, as well as being able to play and bet on the go. We’re excited to check out their new service once it has been released officially.

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