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New Strategy to Challenge Gambling in NZ

New Strategy to Challenge Gambling The New Zealand administration has disclosed a new detailed stratagem with the chief purpose of to challenge gambling. Their aim is to decrease the gambling addiction in the Maori, Asian and Pacific societies. These communities have the highest levels of gambling harm and addiction throughout New Zealand. The rise of harmful gambling is seen in these communities almost five times more than in other communities in New Zealand. This level of harmful gambling is causing social and economic turmoil for these people. Gambling addiction is recorded as an impulse control disorder.

According to research, the highest risk of detrimental gambling addiction is seen in socioeconomically disadvantageous areas where people are more susceptible. The people in these communities are financially poorer and can’t afford any financial loss. Any financial loss sees a significant impact on their lifestyle.

The Proposed Strategy to Challenge Gambling

The strategy commenced at the beginning of July 2019 and will run over a course of three years. A total of NZ$60 million has been set aside to help to tackle this problem head-on as well as the following:

  • Several intervention services throughout these communities in New Zealand
  • New innovated technology to carefully observe the duration of gambling online.
  • Rehabilitation services to help all those who are suffering from gambling addiction
  • Support and residential care will provide people with tools to quit any harmful gambling behaviors.

Proposed Strategy to Challenge Gambling

New Hope for NZ Gamblers

Although some of these processes will take some time to be fully developed and implemented in these communities. However, there is a fresh new hope that these communities will be elevated from their current situation. The New Zealand banks recently set out to restrict gamblers using credit cards when gambling. This is estimated to reduce the volatile relationship the Maori, Asian and Pacific communities have with gambling. Time will only tell how well the strategy does in these communities and how will the people respond to it.

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