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Sportsbet Getting New Games from SportCaller

SportCaller will soon be providing their innovative ‘prediction’ games to Sportsbet. The two gaming firms signed a deal that will see gamblers get a range of ‘localised’ titles to enjoy. SportCaller offers free-to-play games as well as real money gaming options. At the moment, Sportsbet features one of their free play National Basketball Association (NBA) game. After signing the deal, a full selection will soon be available to online players.

Dublin-based SportCaller will be incorporating these games into a ‘single Sportsbet app’ with new titles. They have been commissioned to create prediction games based on Australian Rules football and rugby to increase their number of bettors. It’s also a way to ensure that players keep logging in and betting. Of course, this is quite a lot of pressure to place on a single app.

SportCaller inks Game deal with Sportsbet – NZ Casino News

More about SportCaller Games

One of the biggest draws for players will be ‘five featured weekly matches’ for the Australian Football League or National Rugby League. These specific titles will either ask players to predict who will score a goal or try some multi-bet predictions. The localised titles will also offer jackpots worth up to AU$350 000 (NZ$383 000). If that weren’t enough, they’re planning to expand from football and racing predictions. So, what about this app?

Well, Sportsbet are planning to add the SportCaller games to a ‘single sign-in system’ app. This will allow them to login, bet and play using ‘one-wallet’. Additionally, they’ll be rolling out ‘fully-compliant push notifications from a secure API’ for customers.

Thanks to this deal, the Irish firm could soon be commissioned to create even more games. If things go well, gamblers could soon have a full library of sports prediction games to keep them entertained. Maybe they’ll bring these games to New Zealand in the near future on better apps.

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