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Credit Card Gambling Could Be Banned in the UK

Credit card gambling could soon be banned in the United Kingdom. The risks of credit card gambling have been brought forward by the Labour Party. What’s more, the statistics behind the proposal show that citizens spend up to £8.6 billion (NZ$16.65 billion) a year on gambling with credit cards. When combined with current estimates of gambling addiction, the ban seems more likely.

Last year, the Labour Party carried out a review on gambling regulations and found that credit card gambling resulted in a ‘terrible spiral of debt’. After recognising a problem and seeking treatment, most reformed players still faced their debts. However, should the government agree to ban gambling on credit, there will still be a lot more to be done.

Currently, the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) is conducting consultations on the consequences of credit card gambling. They aim to publish conclusions by May this year to help considerations on the possible ban.

Credit Card Gambling Could Be Banned in the UK

Credit Card Gambling to be Blocked by Banks & Operators

One issue lies with casino operators, many of whom have failed to implement existing restrictions for problem gambling. Luckily, UK banks are already getting involved. Barclays, Lloyds, Santander, and the Royal Bank of Scotland are committed to helping their customers block transactions for gambling. These measures can be taken by using existing apps and setting limits for gambling companies.

When combined with self-exclusion procedures, this could help many addicts get their lives back on track. However, there is still a major drawback for problem gamblers trying to distance themselves from bad habits. In the past five years, multiple online casinos have failed to follow the UKGC’s social responsibility laws. Most recently, a major online casino failed to take problem gamblers off of company lists and the gambler created accounts with partner casinos.

Hopefully, bans will include restrictions on registering a credit card for payments. Enforcement could be tricky though. After all, multiple delays allowed sportsbooks to create alternatives to fixed odds betting terminals before the ban started this month.

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