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What is the Easiest Casino Game to Win?

The easiest casino game to win is usually blackjack because you don’t have to follow any rules and bet what you want to. While it’s a learning curve, you can play it for free before using one of the bonuses we advertise. With up to $7500 on the line, we recommend playing a few test rounds online before moving onto real money.

With that said, our players turned experts have compiled this guide to give you a quick breakdown of why these games are the easiest to win. So, read through our list and decide which games you’d like to try and win.

What is the Easiest Casino Game to Win?

Casino Game House Edge

Every casino game you play will have an advantage built in to help the house stay afloat. While it feels unfair, you can’t win money if the casino has no profits. You can use this advantage to calculate your chances of winning while also keeping an eye on the bets.

Your potential returns on most games come from skill, luck, and careful strategising. So, look for the games that feature a reasonable house edge and fair payouts on side bets. We recommend looking for the lowest house edge possible to improve your odds.

Easiest Casino Game to Win List

The easiest casino game to win will also depend on you because you must be comfortable with the gameplay. We’ve picked these because of the low edge, and they’re the quickest to learn:

1. Blackjack

Blackjack, or 21, is the easiest casino game to play and learn. During the game, you play against the dealer and aim to get 21 before them. The goal is to have a hand as close to 21 as possible without going over and beat the dealer.

A single deck game has a 1.5% house advantage, but more decks lower this to nearly 0.36% at some casinos. As a chance-based game, you can try a strategy and proper bankroll management to control your losses. But you can be guaranteed a win from any tactic you find on the Internet.

2. Craps

Next up is craps, which has a much higher house edge than most gambling games at casinos. Depending on the version, the house advantage is between 1.4% and 5%.

To get more bang for your buck, spread your bets across the multi-turn options like pass/don’t pass. These bets have lower edges and can earn you more money in the long run.

3. Baccarat

Then we have baccarat, which features an advantage of 1.5% when you bet on the banker. In this card game, you’ll have to bet on yourself, the banker, or a tie. But your odds are better if you stake it on the banker.

Tie bets rarely payout, and the edge is over 16% on average at most casinos. You’re better off taking either of the other bets.

4. Roulette

While roulette has a house edge of 2.5% or more, it’s one of the easier games to understand. When playing single-zero (European) roulette, your odds are far better than American games.

If you want to increase your winning odds, place bets on the edge of the table. Wagers like even/odd, black/red, or a bet on a dozen numbers always pay out more frequently.

5. Video Poker

Video poker is the easiest casino game to win because the machine does everything for you. It holds your cards, runs another hand (or hands) and calculates your wins immediately.

Plus, the good games have an advantage of 0.5% and 5% at most casinos. And, you can win over 100% of your stake back over multiple rounds.

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