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How To Beat Casino Slot Machines

Recently updated on June 11th, 2021

Everybody wants to find the best advice on how to beat casino slot machines, and we don’t blame them. Unfortunately, there are some harsh truths we need to get out of the way – you will lose money playing slots.

With all the negativity out of the way, let’s get into the best strategy for winning money from pokies. These are the proven ways to improve your odds of winning without breaking a sweat.

How To Beat Casino Slot Machines

Best Online Pokies to Play

The best slot machine to play has the right combination of casino bonus, return to player percentage (RTP), volatility, and limits. Each time you play, you need to confirm the payback (RTP) is over 95% with medium volatility.

Finding the sweet spot takes a little work, especially from you, when it comes to betting. We always recommend activating every payline and keeping your bets in the mid-range. While it’s not as exciting as when you bet max, you will save money.

Another feature you should pay close attention to is the bonus features and rounds of the game. It’s better to pick a slot with a free spins round, wild, and scatter symbol. The combination nearly always hits the mark in winnings.

Slots with The Best Winning Odds

While everyone loves to push you toward progressive jackpot games, we prefer the mid-range slots. These are more likely to payout and not have blocked jackpots at some casinos we won’t name.

Some of our favourites include games from Quickpsin, Yggdrasil, or Red Tiger Gaming. These brands put their morals first and aim for the fairest pokies on the market. Take advantage of their commitment by trying out these exciting pokies!

Finding “Loose” Slot Games

Everybody thinks that loose slots payout every time the reels spin, but that’s not the case. These games are rarely allowed at online casinos, or they’re well-hidden.

If you were wondering when we say “loose slot,” we mean pokies with an RTP of over 96%. Any game featuring this type of payback is ideal to win more.

How to Beat Casino Slot Machines Fairly: Volatility

When considering how to beat casino slot machines, you should pay close attention to the game’s volatility. Volatility is essentially the variance built into the game or risk level if you’re a poker fan.

Essentially, the volatility of the game measures the risk of playing the slot machine for real money. Variance determines how much you will win over time while spending real money.

  • Low Volatility: your odds of beating the casino slot machine and striking winning combinations will be high. However, these will be smaller wins than you’d probably like and you’ll be sitting for a while.
  • High Volatility: these games are harder to beat, but your odds of getting high wins is increased. With the right bankroll, strategy, and understanding, you can probably get that win.

How to Beat Online Pokies

More so, you will never win all of your bets back, no matter how much you know. Winning that once-in-a-lifetime jackpot is rare, and you will never hack the sophisticated random number generators.

So, you’re better off trying to play fairly and claiming casino bonuses to up your chances. If you can’t afford to play the high-cost games, you should probably avoid them.

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