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SkyCity Player Wins NZ$1.1 million at Poker Table

Most Kiwi players would expect to at least double their money with a Royal Flush side bet at a poker table. One lucky SkyCity player, however, turned NZ$35 into NZ$1.1 million with a progressive jackpot hand. The woman, who has chosen to remain anonymous, won on a single hand of Caribbean Stud poker last week.

What makes this win special is that the player shared a small part of her winnings with players at her table. According to SkyCity group chief operating officer, Michael Ahearne, the casino staff were thrilled at her win. Ahearne also mentioned that the ‘jackpot has not been this big for seven years’. He also said that ‘it’s fantastic to see a SkyCity player walk away’ with a big win from a single hand.

SkyCity Player Wins NZ$1.1 million on Poker – NZ Casino News

SkyCity Player won Poker Jackpot

The poker jackpot is just one of many extras that SkyCity offers to their NZ players. At the Auckland casino, players must place a side bet when playing Caribbean Stud poker to be eligible for the jackpot. For the winner on 26 July, this side bet win had odds of 649,740 to one. Of course, these kinds of odds make it vital for any Poker player to be above scrutiny.

At land-based casinos, like SkyCity Auckland, all gaming tables are monitored by cameras and staff. This ensures that any wins are fair, and that players receive their winnings. In this case, the player was found to be playing fairly, so her cheque could be written immediately.

At New Zealand Casinos, we will always advise playing fairly and according to casino guidelines. This is also true for online casinos in New Zealand. Card counting may seem tempting and rewarding, but it could result in lifelong bans from casinos. So, gamble responsibly, and be sure that you stay sober to truly appreciate wins like this one.

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