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NZ Video Gaming a Budding Industry

Recently updated on September 5th, 2019

Growing NZ Video Gaming Sector

In five years, the New Zealand video game industry could be worth a billion dollars. The interactive gaming industry is said to be the future of New Zealand’s economy. A report identifying how video gaming could create jobs and export earning if the government was involved was recently released. The report was produced by the New Zealand Game Developers Association, Interactive Aotearoa with support from NZTech, NZ government agencies and WeCreate.

The NZ video gaming industry generated over NZ$143 million in the last year. The industry has grown by almost 40% over the previous six years. The report by Interactive Aotearoa outlined that if interactive gaming market in NZ could gain one percent of the global video games market, it would generate almost $258 million in new exports every year. With support from the government, the video gaming industry could be worth a billion dollars by 2024.

Video Gaming in New Zealand

Interactive Games & Entertainment Association (IGEA) released a “Digital New Zealand 2020” report which looked at the impact that video games had on New Zealanders. The study featured over 801 Kiwi Households and 2255 individuals in the country. Findings from the study showed that the average video games player in New Zealand is 34 years of age. 42% of kiwi video gamers are over the age of 65, while 78% are over the age of 18.

The study also showed that video games produce a positive outcome on their education, health and general knowledge wellbeing. Interactive gaming in New Zealand has gone above only being about gambling but having the capability to contribute to the economy. The problem-solving nature of video games hones players’ strategy skills and critical thinking. Dr Brand, a professor at Bond University, said that these skills could easily be applied in professional environments.

Video Gaming in New Zealand

Digital New Zealand Report 2020 Key Findings.

The Digital New Zealand report 2020 is a result of over ten years of video gaming research in New Zealand. The study looked at Kiwi player demographics, playing habits, their behaviours and more. The study also brought some other interest findings to light.

  • PCs are mostly used to play video games in Kiwi Households
  • The combustion time of video games has increased with an average of working adults spending 90 minutes playing video games.
  • Educational video games continue to educate children
  • Parents are playing video games while in the same room as their children.

Final Thoughts

There are concerns that video games could potentially put children at risk of developing gambling addictions. Many video games use virtual prizes known as loot boxes which players purchase using real money. Research has shown that adults who buy loot boxes show symptoms of problem gambling. Problem gamblers could use the budding video gaming industry as an alternative to “gamble” outside casinos. As much as the industry is growing and bringing in, revenue lawmakers have to work on also making the industry safe for children and adults alike.

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